Ajeeb halat hai

padhna bahut hai zindagi se

aur javab out of syllabus na hote hue bhi yad nhi rhte


Could someone #rk 111

Could someone be that one
could someone be so nice
I’m living in rage with tears
could one be my choice

Could someone get return
could someone get me right
I’m waiting to be understood
could one say it’s right

Could someone make me laugh again
could someone make me blind
I’m ready to live that day just once
could one stay my side.

Rishabh kumar

rishabhmyjoopress emotional

Any advice?

Some mentality of me doesn’t let my friends stay longer with me.May be I had never much attachment with anyone from beginning even on my grandma’s death I could not cry. She was also suffering from her illness and family issues ,so that could be the reason, but I must have. Another is that I don’t spend much time with friends, I am like push over ,some one have to push me for company always. I am good at silence ,go alone ,sit anywhere on ghats ,watch people. But when i start ,i become childish,act like you should have take care na.. Yes they enjoy,and me too. But when time passes the gap decides to take place in terms of money and time . I am not so rich, but don’t know to lessen my contribute while sharing (someone will say buddhu hai). They always manage to take from me. I don’t know why but I don’t go around those chit chats,those fun making. I like serious topics like life issues cause i am good at suggestions but not in funny ways that everyone likes( i know it’s so boring).So I try to be around those guys who don’t force me much,yet I know i should and obviously I do,If I can’t ,i tell them ,then they decide they want to stay with me or not. May be its wrong in some way ,what do you think?….Recently my old school friend’s friend (some rich) who was actually my sister’s old coaching frnd( actually did’n t know previously) ordered something so pricy, i could not afford on daily basis,we ate. But why the hell he ordered the same to carry ,gifted me and one for himself. First i refused,he says if i am frind, would take it.Didn’t like that. Then my frnd says don’t worry about money around us,they will pay.without heart,took it ,still i think about..whether it was right or not.
Secondly sometimes I mend this gap but fail to manage the time gap , I think it happens to all.Some frnd are so far apart,we cant’t meet as usual.We used to have good time when we were together in college.(yeah not college ,used to wander ,best year ever.)Now we don’t know much about each others .Some are also with me this time who come just for college,says its not right time for all this. May be right.I just hope everything gets better soon.. all this must change.. what do you suggest.. btw thanks for reading,this was all about me at least the way i think mostly

मान जा.. #rk 110

कुछ कह कुछ बता
यूँ ना तू शान्त रह
मनमुटाव भरी यादों में
ना तू मुझे याद रख
ना रख किसी कोने में
दिल के जज़्बात दबे
जो है मन में तेरे
कर दे तू बयाँ उसे
गर गलत हूँ कर दे दूर
हूँ सही तो अपना मुझे
पर बात सुन इक राह चुन
गर दूर हूँ दे बता
नही चाहता अब साथ तेरा
पर दिल से तू कर दे रिहा


जब दोस्त हो रूठा

लगे कुछ तो है टूटा

Complicated thoughts #rk 109

i know you can’t be happy with me

but i can.

i know you can’t always be with me

but i can.

i know you can’t wait for me

but i can.

it’s not that i like you.

it’s not that you are that true.

it’s not that we have much time.

it’s just that may be i’m not ment for you.

it’s just that you surely deserve better.

it’s just that we have no future.

Sometimes in life when you love or like someone but can not tell them cause you know the time is not right and never will be,this is what happens throughout the mind. May be it’s not so right to suppress yourself in such way , don’t know. I think we can just love someone without telling them,they will know it in our ways,our care,our thoughts.

When people meet they try to blend,they wait for trust in all the ways.

Making up the mash or getting in the trash ,out of emotions they burst like guest.

Nothing does matter in care of suspense,neither does these words in last sentence.

Blaming #rk 108

At start he kept me unknown to this world and now assumes that I should have already known it.
At start I knew it’s not enough but he said to follow the rules ,be regular, be good.
Now I see it wasn’t necessary at all.
Now I see it was making me loose my instincts that I regret now.
I was never ment to be like this.
Wasn’t good at fitting in,still not.
But can’t loose hope .
Everything will be alright.
God must be watching all the way that I lived this long.

~ myjoopress

छोड दो … #rk 107

छोड दो

मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो

मोड लो

मेरे रिश्ते से अपना मुँह तुम … मोड लो

इस राह पे….चलना मुझको अकेला.. है पता

ना अपने तुम.. यूँ साथ का .. दो सिला

छोड दो

मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो

मोड लो

मेरे रिश्ते से अपना मुँह तुम … मोड लो

उस राह की…जो ना मिली.. क्या दूँ दुआ

उस चाँद की… इक चाँदनी … सुलझा हुआ

मदमस्त सी किसी शाम की ना थी खबर

मेरी चाय जो अब फीकी है… किसका असर

छोड दो

मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो

मोड लो

मेरे रिश्ते से अपना मुँह तुम … मोड लो…

तन्हा राहें …. तन्हा अन्धेरा…..

मेरे दिन का..यही सवेरा

बाते किस्सों का वो पहरा….आ….

बाते किस्सों का वो पहरा

भूला बिसरा इक कोई चेहरा…

मुझे याद है,…. कोई साथ है

पर अब नहीं … सब राख है

मैं ढूँढू ना.. अब कोई घर

कुछ बाँधे ना .. अब कैसा डर

तो छोड दो ….मेरी चाह को……

तो छोड दो ….मेरी चाह को……

तुम मोड लो इस राह को…. आ…

छोड दो

मुझे मेरे हाल पे तुम सब .. छोड दो

अब मोड लो

मेरे रिश्ते से अपना मुँह तुम … मोड लो

छोड दो…..अब छोड दो.. हाँ छोड दो.

– ऋषभ कुमार

insta @myjoopress