listen when #rk 132

Listen when someone says, not when you need them.

Don’t you see the consequences:

  1. Either they get to know about your perceptions. or
  2. You get to know from them about you.

Isn’t that good?

Giviving emotions to someone,you don’t know… just with the sense of trust, is the bravest thing to do, i see.

World is full of good people,yet evil exist. You don’t have to worry about that and sit at home. You got to do your things.

Ok what happens, if you don’t:

  1. Either you loose yourself in cage of your mind. or
  2. You get forgotten by everyone cause you don’t even try to.

Do you want that ?

I am sure, the answer will be : no. So why not do it?

each time we cry…?
each TIME get high!
alone that we carry
is not to get shy
we feel cause we try
that’s a mark as life
we are learning
but this age
not standing by.

– Rishabh kumar

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Is this journey dilemma? #rk 131

A tea,usually each story always has a beginning,a middle and the last dramatic ending.I was holding a cup of tea in my hand,talking with my friends about how the life was going.As always… yeah i always start conversations this way.They say like it is just happening,searching a job,looking for adventure and blah,blah,blahhh…..

Even my story wasn’t different. Hello,i am Kartik,the most rough,tough guy of the city,okay… i’m just kidding. I am that who does all the work he is told,try to be funny and the be positive in every situation,yeah i try to…. but i am not trained in any of them,actually i always fail doing every shit of that.Yeah you know,most parent think let the boy do his graduations, everything will be settled down. Everything? like seriously! So i did my graduation without any question. And after staying away from all humorous and sensible man citizenship all these years, i came to know,even if i was doing everything as told,wasn’t happy with self at all. Till boards ,i had a vision of being an engineer. A successful life. But who did know that passing it with up board and turning everything in english in graduation will ruin everything. Somehow i cleared my graduation, but with low grades. Such a melodrama and boring story,you might be thinking. Who knows where life will lead? Do you want to know what happened to this guy? Why am i telling you all this? I have guessed you are absolutely not intersted,infact who would? The usual boring,idiotic,casual life that all of us living these days. Aren’we?

Actually,you are right.We are all having a tea in our hand,waiting for the right moment. That one day,we will be successful,will stand on our parents hope. Yeah parents,i am not blaming any one here. I had a good life. Mostly compromises that we used to make cause we don’t have much of money. Didn’t go much for outing,didn’t go with friends much to the malls.Even if any guest had arrived,my dad,who is still running the same joint buissness with uncles, would be thinking,when they would go! extra expenses.And my mom,the lady,literally …. even can’t go to my nana,without telling dad.Such a mentallity of this house. Can’t afford for longer times.

Still we are happy. Me,my sister megha,mom and dad. It was our world. But which family is normal in this world? God has been sending us to live and learn over and over. And here comes the other characters of the story,my two uncles,aunts,their chidren, and the eldest gradpa. My father is eldest of three. Elder uncle got married about 10 years ago,has two sons and the younger uncle,got married just last year and has a tumbling son. How big and lovely family,right? Not so.. actually everything is tangled, we want to get rid of it. This is not a family. It’s just a house where three families are still together cause they don’t have seperate buissness yet and of course,gradpa. Why so? There is a long story, we would have to go many years back,about four decades……

. ……..To be continued.

– Rishabh kumar

I hope you all like it. I am not a writer,just trying to get somethings out of this head, you see. Mostly i do poems but had some extra time these days,so i thought why not give a try to it. Thank you everyone for being with me this far ….

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आज के दौर में… #rk 130

मेहनत और सब्र का फल शायद मीठा होता होगा
पर आज के दौर में मुकाम पाने के लिए सिर्फ हुनर ही नही सिफारिश भी लगती है

तख्त पाना आसान नहीं,गैरों को तुम रास नहीं
परीक्षा कडी खुद की करनी ही पडेगी ..
वरना….. खुद की भी तुम आस नहीं
– Rishabh kumar

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Friendship in social shadows #rk 62

I don’t get it… why the nature of people got to change when they are with friends of opposite sex, may be its human nature, both get their behavior changed when they are with that friend and after that they come back from this fake reality, it’s been a good technique to feel special among other friends, fight ,extra care for that person ,good . But why you can’t be that person all the time? It’s that ,you might show extra respect for that person but deep you are away from your reality. These days i am feeling how our society divided us as boys and girls, You can’t be seen with your friend with opposite sex in public. Yes, it is just in urban and middle class families. but yet true.

Parents might think dividing our communities like this is the best solution for all, it’s been so long living like this. But i think this is the main cause why boys get in bad influence, overthinking to possess girls, and girls get addicted to hide their feelings. If boys had a few of girl friends, who they trust ,they won’t a have a thinking of abusing girls for their dress or character,they could learn to respect and gain a good charm in society. If girls had not to hide any such thing ,they could gain all the mastery they need to express their creativity on a big scale. Yet i thank all those parents who are trying to remove this barrier. But this society…. which is nothing else than us, created by us, became a mislead . Couple dance is bad,go solo ,you don’t need a partner,good. But why hesitate to ask for help,ask for opinion.

Together we can learn many new things,which we can only if we share our thoughts. Girl’s artistic and Boy’s managements …. remember jab we met,band baaja barat and yeh jawani hai diwani Now you think have you got to married , no ,look at ae dil hai mushkil .I mean to say don’t go the wrong way just see how they enhanced each others personality. Get over it ya… how long .

Girls must be back before 10, boys must have all control. I don’t think so… Are the girls afraid to wander in nights?, no. Do the boys need all dominance?, no. All girls are not clever, all boys are not worthy. Yet they exist to live once that life, that’s why they choose a partner. If we tell this to our parents, some resist that you don’t need that, are you a coward? and it leads to what you know, hatred for boys,self confidence challenged among boys . I am just talking about the shadows of friendship we claim,demand yet find only if we are that worthy. No one is perfect ,we come close cause of our impersfections,we all learn whole life. If we learn from others mistakes ,its our wit,otherwise life is running and will keep…..

Rishabh kumar


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What to expect: advices. #rk 129

You see, it’s not really easy to treat someone that close to us ,as just friend. Helping someone ,we realise why someone feels so bad if he/she don’t ask us, to be un intrested about us. Cause that one was really something for us. And not getting attention in return in right,may be we think too much. try to forget it… as to you my anonymous friend. It is really good that you make efforts to make them feel better,we could not find,yes it might have hurt a lot. Cause you really like them. We can only suggest for the better for all, it would be good if you tell them your feelings. It is sometime good to choose the hard step. At least you would be out of this pain and not having weight on your heart,one day they got to know. So why not now… ?

Secondly if you say it will show you weeker, yeah it would . You are right.But if you are someone’s friend, they must understand you,I guess. Yes will make some distance from you,may be. But surely, they will forgive you,they are friend,will take just some time.

isn’t it that you complete each other, you make them right his mistakes,so might they.

If you can’t try all this… then it is upto you.

You can play the game of truth and dare. As someone did honestly that made him meet some friends. However they might be far, but sometimes they feel like closer than oldest ones. Ask them what is their mindset about their other special friends,about his friend ,you and how you met and stayed this long.

As in like :

Seriously i would say truth,i never had a gf. I have girls as my friends. They talk when we feel like,something to share. Yeah because i made a promise with self that i will never go that far untill i find myself. To where i have led, to get secured. But sometimes ,yes, this heart you know….

As far as you don’t know me,neither do i. Still don’t know your name.But here we are, it’s there ,our secret.

Secret is good to carry if no one gets hurt, not when there is but.

I see everyone got a story,untold. I hope we can be true and some bold.

Hello everyone, i hope you liked this story.Thank you for reading this far. Suggest me if i made some mistakes… still learning from life. Till then stay busy,stay happy and stay hungry… love you all.

-Rishabh kumar

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Some dews #rk 128

Once upon a time

there were some tiny dew

love they got,just from few

had to survive in a warming world

could not shine like any pearl

warmth of care,they could not afford

it was their nature that kept them hold

yet so bold they gave such tries

mercy makers could not hold eyes

they scattered themselves into pieces

they made this world living

giving their breeze into the breathes

they had to return with some cries.

Save water cause each effort counts.

– Rishabh kumar

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You can’t…

You can’t force someone to be friend.
You are just lessening your value.
Just talk,see if it works out.
If you are alone,text me.
But yes,don’t forget to remember me in your good times too.

Watsup : You may have new masseges.

Me: Nahi bhai Misunderstanding hogi.

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