Oh baby talk, tan tan

Oh baby talk. hmm hmmm hmmmm

baby talk, baby talk

baby talk talk talk

let us walk walk walk

to a ride that will get you mock

baby chill chill chill

get to hill hill hill

to meet a lovely spot that is mine

don’t you cry cry cry

thing’s are fine fine fine

just the way you and me had define

you are here for me n m just for you

u r the reason that we keep on rhyme

baby talk……….

it’s just you and me

it’s our destiny

that we laugh just at one time

you are true so true m so over you

you are the candy that i have to bite

just now come up with me

it’s a nice memory

now m pleased that u r just mine

don’t you ever leave my hand

there is no other chance

so i say i love you are you mine

baby talk. .baby talk..

just a hint and i’m on

no you have not to wait for a time.

(baby talk..baby talk

just a hint and he is on

no you don’t have to wait for another time…

he’s the right person for you

so you don’t have to wait ….for other time…….)

copyright ©Rishabh kumar

All r¡ghts reserved

©myjoopress insta@rishabhh65660