Friendship in social shadows #rk 62

I don’t get it… why the nature of people got to change when they are with friends of opposite sex, may be its human nature, both get their behavior changed when they are with that friend and after that they come back from this fake reality, it’s been a good technique to feel special among other friends, fight ,extra care for that person ,good . But why you can’t be that person all the time? It’s that ,you might show extra respect for that person but deep you are away from your reality. These days i am feeling how our society divided us as boys and girls, You can’t be seen with your friend with opposite sex in public. Yes, it is just in urban and middle class families. but yet true

Parents might think dividing our communities like this is the best solution for all, it’s been so long living like this. But i think this is the main cause why boys get in bad influence, overthinking to possess girls, and girls get addicted to hide their feelings. If boys had a few of girl friends, who they trust ,they won’t a have a thinking of abusing girls for their dress or character,they could learn to respect and gain a good charm in society. If girls had not to hide any such thing ,they could gain all the mastery they need to express their creativity on a big scale. Yet i thank all those parents who are trying to remove this barrier. But this society…. which is nothing else than us, created by us, became a mislead . Couple dance is bad,go solo ,you don’t need a partner,good. But why hesitate to ask for help,ask for opinion.

Together we can learn many new things,which we can only if we share our thoughts. Girl’s artistic and Boy’s managements …. remember jab we met,band baaja barat and yeh jawani hai diwani Now you think have you got to married , no ,look at ae dil hai mushkil .I mean to say don’t go the wrong way just see how they enhanced each others personality. Get over it ya… how long .

Girls must be back before 10, boys must have all control. I don’t think so… Are the girls afraid to wander in nights?, no. Do the boys need all dominance?, no. All girls are not clever, all boys are not worthy. Yet they exist to live once that life, that’s why they choose a partner. If we tell this to our parents, some resist that you don’t need that, are you a coward? and it leads to what you know, hatred for boys,self confidence challenged among boys . I am just talking about the shadows of friendship we claim,demand yet find only if we are that worthy. No one is perfect ,we come close cause of our impersfections,we all learn whole life. If we learn from others mistakes ,its our wit,otherwise life is running and will keep…..

-Rishabh kumar @myjoopress. http://boys http://girls http://people http://thoughts

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