should #rk 100

I think i should I think I should not I do I don't I would I won't nothing is wrong nothing is free I have all but some empty Don't have a rush neither a crush making new friends but not by hands living alive and always defined the love and care I always find … Continue reading should #rk 100

women’s day #rk 98

A friend or a wife,let her decide. Let her know,a beauty or a pride. A mother or a dauther,let her choose. Don't set a boundry of your vows let her pick all she choose. Don't give them look of your views. let her be,which she defines. Don't hold them with your kinds let her not … Continue reading women’s day #rk 98

सफर #rk 96

अजीब जिन्दगी जी रहे सभी साथ जो है उसकी खबर नही रोज बाते होती अजनबी से...जो बैठा कोसो दूर अपनियत की कमी...रिश्तो मे खल रही विश्वास जीता उसने..जो रहता कुछ ही दूर साथ है दिल से...ना है कोई मजबूर पैसो की औकात.....रिश्तो से बढ गई बात थी जो मान की....बातों मे रह गई समझाया जाए … Continue reading सफर #rk 96