listen when #rk 132

Listen when someone says, not when you need them. Don't you see the consequences: Either they get to know about your perceptions. or You get to know from them about you. Isn't that good? Giviving emotions to someone,you don't know... just with the sense of trust, is the bravest thing to do, i see. World … Continue reading listen when #rk 132

Is this journey dilemma? #rk 131

A tea,usually each story always has a beginning,a middle and the last dramatic ending.I was holding a cup of tea in my hand,talking with my friends about how the life was going.As always... yeah i always start conversations this way.They say like it is just happening,searching a job,looking for adventure and blah,blah,blahhh..... Even my story … Continue reading Is this journey dilemma? #rk 131

आज के दौर में… #rk 130

मेहनत और सब्र का फल शायद मीठा होता होगा पर आज के दौर में मुकाम पाने के लिए सिर्फ हुनर ही नही सिफारिश भी लगती है तख्त पाना आसान नहीं,गैरों को तुम रास नहीं परीक्षा कडी खुद की करनी ही पडेगी .. वरना..... खुद की भी तुम आस नहीं - Rishabh kumar pic by #shreya_kanodia … Continue reading आज के दौर में… #rk 130

You can’t…

You can't force someone to be friend. You are just lessening your value. Just talk,see if it works out. If you are alone,text me. But yes,don't forget to remember me in your good times too. Watsup : You may have new masseges. Me: Nahi bhai Misunderstanding hogi. @rishabhmyjoopress on @mirakeeapp#mirakee #poems #poetry #writersnetwork #quotes #quote … Continue reading You can’t…