What to expect: advices. #rk 129

You see, it’s not really easy to treat someone that close to us ,as just friend. Helping someone ,we realise why someone feels so bad if he/she don’t ask us, to be un intrested about us. Cause that one was really something for us. And not getting attention in return in right,may be we think too much. try to forget it… as to you my anonymous friend. It is really good that you make efforts to make them feel better,we could not find,yes it might have hurt a lot. Cause you really like them. We can only suggest for the better for all, it would be good if you tell them your feelings. It is sometime good to choose the hard step. At least you would be out of this pain and not having weight on your heart,one day they got to know. So why not now… ?

Secondly if you say it will show you weeker, yeah it would . You are right.But if you are someone’s friend, they must understand you,I guess. Yes will make some distance from you,may be. But surely, they will forgive you,they are friend,will take just some time.

isn’t it that you complete each other, you make them right his mistakes,so might they.

If you can’t try all this… then it is upto you.

You can play the game of truth and dare. As someone did honestly that made him meet some friends. However they might be far, but sometimes they feel like closer than oldest ones. Ask them what is their mindset about their other special friends,about his friend ,you and how you met and stayed this long.

As in like :

Seriously i would say truth,i never had a gf. I have girls as my friends. They talk when we feel like,something to share. Yeah because i made a promise with self that i will never go that far untill i find myself. To where i have led, to get secured. But sometimes ,yes, this heart you know….

As far as you don’t know me,neither do i. Still don’t know your name.But here we are, it’s there ,our secret.

Secret is good to carry if no one gets hurt, not when there is but.

I see everyone got a story,untold. I hope we can be true and some bold.

Hello everyone, i hope you liked this story.Thank you for reading this far. Suggest me if i made some mistakes… still learning from life. Till then stay busy,stay happy and stay hungry… love you all.

-Rishabh kumar

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