Is this journey dilemma? #rk 131

A tea,usually each story always has a beginning,a middle and the last dramatic ending.I was holding a cup of tea in my hand,talking with my friends about how the life was going.As always… yeah i always start conversations this way.They say like it is just happening,searching a job,looking for adventure and blah,blah,blahhh…..

Even my story wasn’t different. Hello,i am Kartik,the most rough,tough guy of the city,okay… i’m just kidding. I am that who does all the work he is told,try to be funny and the be positive in every situation,yeah i try to…. but i am not trained in any of them,actually i always fail doing every shit of that.Yeah you know,most parent think let the boy do his graduations, everything will be settled down. Everything? like seriously! So i did my graduation without any question. And after staying away from all humorous and sensible man citizenship all these years, i came to know,even if i was doing everything as told,wasn’t happy with self at all. Till boards ,i had a vision of being an engineer. A successful life. But who did know that passing it with up board and turning everything in english in graduation will ruin everything. Somehow i cleared my graduation, but with low grades. Such a melodrama and boring story,you might be thinking. Who knows where life will lead? Do you want to know what happened to this guy? Why am i telling you all this? I have guessed you are absolutely not intersted,infact who would? The usual boring,idiotic,casual life that all of us living these days. Aren’we?

Actually,you are right.We are all having a tea in our hand,waiting for the right moment. That one day,we will be successful,will stand on our parents hope. Yeah parents,i am not blaming any one here. I had a good life. Mostly compromises that we used to make cause we don’t have much of money. Didn’t go much for outing,didn’t go with friends much to the malls.Even if any guest had arrived,my dad,who is still running the same joint buissness with uncles, would be thinking,when they would go! extra expenses.And my mom,the lady,literally …. even can’t go to my nana,without telling dad.Such a mentallity of this house. Can’t afford for longer times.

Still we are happy. Me,my sister megha,mom and dad. It was our world. But which family is normal in this world? God has been sending us to live and learn over and over. And here comes the other characters of the story,my two uncles,aunts,their chidren, and the eldest gradpa. My father is eldest of three. Elder uncle got married about 10 years ago,has two sons and the younger uncle,got married just last year and has a tumbling son. How big and lovely family,right? Not so.. actually everything is tangled, we want to get rid of it. This is not a family. It’s just a house where three families are still together cause they don’t have seperate buissness yet and of course,gradpa. Why so? There is a long story, we would have to go many years back,about four decades……

. ……..To be continued.

– Rishabh kumar

I hope you all like it. I am not a writer,just trying to get somethings out of this head, you see. Mostly i do poems but had some extra time these days,so i thought why not give a try to it. Thank you everyone for being with me this far ….

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