listen when #rk 132

Listen when someone says, not when you need them.

Don’t you see the consequences:

  1. Either they get to know about your perceptions. or
  2. You get to know from them about you.

Isn’t that good?

Giviving emotions to someone,you don’t know… just with the sense of trust, is the bravest thing to do, i see.

World is full of good people,yet evil exist. You don’t have to worry about that and sit at home. You got to do your things.

Ok what happens, if you don’t:

  1. Either you loose yourself in cage of your mind. or
  2. You get forgotten by everyone cause you don’t even try to.

Do you want that ?

I am sure, the answer will be : no. So why not do it?

each time we cry…?
each TIME get high!
alone that we carry
is not to get shy
we feel cause we try
that’s a mark as life
we are learning
but this age
not standing by.

– Rishabh kumar

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