You did right, don’t loose hope.

I know these feelings.
I know this fight.
When you don’t know where you’re going.
When you don’t know if it’s right.
As a matter of fact, it’s us who decide.
As a matter of believe, it’s us, must glide.
Not for self or for judges,
in oceans, or some rushes,
But for close with us,
who believe in us ,
with stack of faith,
some past integrates
to be smiling face and at last
winner of this life
as its not just a race.


Let it shine, let it roll.
it’s just our only life,
don’t live without goal.
people expect a lot from us,
as matter of fact,
they seek views in such.
They show us their affection,
not to be in any reduction,
As a toy, it might be,
but struggling isn’t always,
The second best option.


it might be a may,
or it might be not…
what can we, even say,
It’s life, Is it not!


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pic is clicked by me, thought it would be worth sharing. looks amazing, progressive works.

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