What matters.

No matter how many faces cried cause of you till now.
No Matter if no one understood you, took stand beside you.
No matter if you got no one to share your feelings, with that trust again.
If you are ready now to let yourself free, that does matter.
It matters, if you forget your issues with your past and try again.
It matters, if you are ready to apologize, accept your mistakes, learn and proceed.

I know you will.

It’s really kind of awkward
but we do know it somehow,
we do crave attention,
mistakes being done one though.
You can just try your part, and
let time decide.
If it’s gonna work, it will
no matter who doesn’t rhyme.
You can make, you can break,
you can heal it up.
You can move, you can groom,
you can mix it yup.
No matter now, who the hell
gave your windows shut.
If you are, really wanna prove,
prove yourself my bud.
-Rishabh Kumar


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