Should we not be worried!!

Recently, past few days made all of us realise where we are standing over the surface. It wasn’t like we didn’t know the consequences, we did. We had a glimpse in our mind about what could possibly happen. Many things came to our mind, like does it matter, why just me, what changes will I acquire. Yeah, sush.. relax, who cares, right? Isn’t it?

What a day….., what a way…..
You with me….., what a gay…..

We just won’t….., waste this moment..
We are right….., we are human.

Let it not….., be just last….
Let it shine….., let us dance….

It is just….., as it was…..
It won’t go….., as did last….

We will be…. all together….
It is time…., now or never…

It is time…., now or never….

-Rishabh Kumar

As humans, we all are fragile, we can’t say what will happen the next moment. We want to enjoy every moment cause we know we can’t be as always, you say evitable for someone, something, somewhere. Isn’t it? I guess so. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the moment, no. It is just that, are we too much intertwined in our joy that we don’t see what others feel through that process. We are humans, it doesn’t mean that we are some coward. We can make anything possible if we want to. It is just that we mostly wish ourselves to be called superior. Is that right?

Do see this: Getting to know God

And it is also worth reading Faith and tragedy if you seek some similar situations related to this situation, I hope she is managing well.

Today, in such situations God has really showed up that your ego or simplicity doesn’t matter. we are all together in this to fight it. Today is the time to forget about all past quarrels and bring back all good in us, to be together. We are all worried about the situation and it is upon us how we will give our contribution to it. Either by being quarantine, helping our helpers or by not following the guidances. So, what do you choose?


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