Nature’s halt

Out of words, Full of views.
The day that passed, in last some few.
Isn’t that a act of keeping balance!
Mind not me, just see the news.
First the forests, then the world.
Isn’t it the time, to give back pearls.
Quarantine, was it really needed,
To stop, think and incase truths!
Flouting was easy, change was harsh.
It’s now nature, justifying scars.
Ready, not ready. It doesn’t see.
If you still infringe, cope be.
Together we rise rise, alone we fall.
You got it right, it’s nature’s halt.

-Rishabh kumar

Well, this below post isn’t mine, but I aagree with her so much that I am posting her post here. Do follow the link given. Trust me, you got to read and listen this:

You’ve got to slow down to speed up. My coach used to say this all of the time. It seemed counterintuitive because our main goal was to run faster. But in order to run faster, we had to slow down, pause, and focus on the movement and focus on our form. If we were speeding through all of the movements, we wouldn’t do them right, and then in turn we wouldn’t run as fast. Some of my fastest times came from me taking the time to focus on every step, and make sure my form was correct with every stride.

Do follow this original post:

Sometimes We Have to Slow Down, To Speed Up and Reach Our Goals


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