Strange but obvious

It’s strange!
When we had to know,
we didn’t.
When we had to try,
we excused.
When we had to say,
we mocked.
So why all this moan!
Isn’t it right way!
God is to guide way.
Isn’t it some ray!
Creating His light ray.
Back to the room,
and being that baboon
with bananas in land,
but yet to get hand
to eat, to thrive,
to lean, to decide
to make, to wake.
Isn’t He always right!
We always had chance
to move back and dance.
He didn’t ever checked
cause we had to mistakes
to learn, to earn,
to go up and burn
like some candle,
not like gamble,
like some shoot,
yet to get root.
It wasn’t easy
to go that dizzy.
But I guess
He had been called
by mystique ethos
to be kind on else,
to rewind itself
and just to give lesson
He made this plague.

-Rishabh kumar

Today I joined Pexels, it is a place full of wonderful photographers, it took me moments to fell love in versatility of this place. Thank you Shreya, for letting me know of such wonderful app, from now I think I will be posting some of my photos there, I hope will like that. OK, The is by Pexelbay, I guess it reflects my emotions a little.

Also don’t forget to tell if you liked it, you know every writer has a hope that someone sees his work and appreciate, you can also follow me on my instagram handle myjoopress


      1. Haha Rishabh. Don’t be sorry, you motivate me every day with your kind appreciation. You are a wonderful writer, and your words always touch me! 💕💕❣️


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