Eeither they, or did I

Today it is about a poem that might have changed you into something that you never wanted. You would try to forget it but can’t, cause it made you learn many things about life, that not everyone is your friend. Yes, you would know that it is the thing that made you what you are today. I could simply say, it is about trust, that you lost somehow. You try to have trust on people, but you aren’t able to do it for long. So poem goes like this:

For NaPoWriMo

Neither they knew, nor did I,
Neither they wake with the rise.
Believe in self was only option,
better had be true, not silly some caption.

Either they left or did I,
Either they stayed with closed eye.
Trust in them was at reception,
Made me wonder if it was my best action.

Neither they tried nor did I,
Neither now I think if I could abide.
Believe that broke with inner mind,
Still exists in making new delight.

Either they lose or did I,
Either now we keep, with the time.
Better be true, even for short,
Learned those ways defined that harm.

Neither they left nor did I,
Neither they said if I defined.
Guessing the thing that felt right,
even if did, who am I to decide.
-Rishabh kumar

pic credited to Amine M’Souri

Guys, I don’t know what could have happend to you after this, I will like to know your story to write after this, let’s see what what you actually want your life to be.
❣️💙Thanks for reading.💙❣️


  1. ‘Believe in self was only option’ I like this because it’s applicable anytime and anywhere in life. When you believe in yourself, nothing from the external world can hurt you. In the end, nobody will make you happy if you don’t make yourself happy 💚🙏🏻🌞

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  2. as you are my friend here, you didn’t read to the last, i wanted some sort of your story to write as if imagining what could possibly happen to you after such conditions. !?


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