Customizing is necessary!

Thank you to heerch for asking me to tell her about how to gain followers, well I don’t have much of followers either but today I will write about what things I followed to do so this long. I am going to categorize my journey into two categories:

  1. What to do
  2. What not to do

1.What to do

Create feelings

If I tell you this you have to believe me first, you got to understand human physcology. There are many people who are writing their blogs, and on average people will just look few moments at your blog. So what makes your writing different. You got to write things just not according to you, you got to make it for them. Well I am not professional but I guess there are two things that we can improve :

  • Looks
  • Contents


As far as I have seen through different websites, paid themes give you so much compact and well connected platform that anyone can go and reach to their interests step by step. If you don’t think so. You can simply try and see different popular website in your desktop. Why I included it into looks, it’s cause this feature provide you a beautiful view of you blog. Your theme does matter a lot. It is like your theme can control overall views on your site and it is not like you can’t gain followers with your free plan, you can. You just need to modify your theme, to give a better view into your thoughts. If people are at your page, you got to do something in your theme that they don’t see it too boring and stay few moments more. If they do so. Your views will increase automatically with time.


You can’t just write only what you feel, if people can relate to the things that we write, they will at least visit us back to back. We must not force anyone to stay, should not either trick them. Just be humble. Is that bad?Well, I don’t think so. It also shows our culture and determination to the society. If our content will be actually good, at least a few people people will retag them in their post. Emotional attachment is other thing. But it must be practical in some way. We want to learn. Don’t we? We always say it. But are you ready to be a good master, Create an example, Be an inspiration.

2.What not to do

Creating prejudgements

I have seen a lot of followers of mine and through comment sections. They become rude without knowing the exact reasons. Everyone has their right to speak, to give their view. Infact it is good if people are engaging in your thoughts, giving their views. We must not get angry to those. We can discuss anytime. For this not to happen you got to do somethings with yourself. I have talked to many popular bloggers. It is my memory that I don’t remember much of them but Rekha Sahay Mam, my friend Shreya, Hilary tan,and the owners of copypowerblog and beautybeyondbones. They are really great people to talk, share and learn with. I felt that they would mostly always give replies of your comments. Sometimes it can be just a line. Or sometimes a complete discussion or theory over that. Again, we must learn things from the master of the ocean. Practicals are the basics, we got to learn a lot. So you must also give a customization to your thoughts too.

Customizing theme

Now I am giving links to different websites where you can go and check to learn to customize your theme:


Well as mostly of you know that I am not an expert, we can still learn and that’s what we must do.

Learn and share.



And also don’t forget to tell me if you liked the content.

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