Dreams of oceans

For once I had an ocean,
full of beautiful dreams.
star fishes and mermaids there
were all favorite scenes.
Now it is like, we are searching
each side of the mystery
the life getting blured
it’s free in some history.

Oh ho Oo,
It can’t be really sure
what made it really gone,
It’s just like any other day
that moved really with haste.

Wasn’t It really green?
yet to get nourished
and to seen.
Wasn’t it getting pale?
with time in His trail.

The oceans were blue,

The oceans were blue,

got trapped in some view.
Many lied with traps
many got collapsed
yet learned in some way
that everyone wants play.
It’s getting really harsh,
the fishes getting troubled
Is it really their end
or the dreams to deceit pearl.
Will it really happen again?
No, I guess not.
It made learn us a lot,
it’s good to move on.
Some would say it was destined,
some blame just the horse.
I would say it’s our ocean.
So why not sail, of course!

For Tuesday writing prompt challenge, April 7,2020 :
Colors of my mind

Featured image by :
Dominika Roseclay


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