Glory Flory

what takes you too long
wishing for a fragrance
glimpse and sites in mind
why not take, some flower’s grace

Astrea’s Aster replaced through eyes
Charmed with patience, wit symbolize
Devoted purity, sensitive love
star of Venus, serpents savor

African crane, bird of paradise
Thoughtful Globe, romantic joyous
A little toxic as compassionate love
Banana pettled brightened glores.

Forgot not roses, Adonie’s cuts
Cleansing purity, unjudged love.
Difference in colors, differ in price
not to purchase, for thirsty eyes.

Many more still waiting for you
Have a look in the crater of views.

For NaPoWriMo Day 11

Featured image by Pixabay.

It was really an interesting task by NaPoWriMo, got to know a lot about these flowers and you can also if you see the links. Well it’s our choice to take that knowledge or not, choice to think that it is useful or not. By my point of view, it was really interesting to go through this learning. As we are all learners we must, Don’t we!

Do share your thoughts.

Thank you for reading



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