Writing remains silence?

A writer remains, all unknown.
Keeps self shadows, spreads all hopes.
Tells us all, what matters at last.
Experiences, make us learnings fast.

Easy with words, yet deep with twists.
Never makes promises, but to get your bliss.
They have all things, they always care.
Yet to give to world, they get you aware.

Seasons change, not the positive thoughts.
Always carry down, your inner harsh.
Alone we are, at such gloomy time,
But not by words, it is their rhymes.

Giving you desires, to fly, rise back.
Voicing our views, as you never nothing lacked.
Naughty and funny, making you little laugh.
That’s all these friends, wants from you this far.

For NaPoWriMo Day 14

Thank you everyone for reading and sharing your views this far.


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