A few exaggerates

The ways it get started,

Oh my heart does these wonders.
Really meant to be true, or just
people don’t realize their blunder.

Isn’t there yet some hope,
Do they mostly keep them under!
Some sliides as they see,
they always got to plunder!

Yes they yet believe in the elves,
they mostly feed the Hunger.
Such intros in those ads,
do people really plunger!

Are the ornaments needed now!
Did the scents make attraction!
Might the paste carry salt,
Doesn’t lusters give now halts!

If the Harry had his powers,
why not he yet ramps.
Oh my my, those are stories,
Yet you really have delusions!
-Rishabh Kumar
For NaPoWriMo Day 16
Featured image by Matthias Cooper
Have a look at


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