Tring Tring telephone,
Bring back those posts.
Missing those gossip nights
under tree hosts.

What a time those were
cycle, songs, raw roads.
Nature lost beauty,
Was that really hard core?

No calls, just meetings.
All day just waitings.
No games of lie traces,
hearts matched with faces.

Parties or marriages,
Household, full services.
Unity never loosed.
Never asked to boozed.

Modern we got,
yet lost pre-thoughts.
Do and Die was ever,
Learnt to get aware.

Diversities of surfings!
Was there any bufferings?
Weapons needed,
Guns yet not bleeded.

Short tempered fights,
No missiles, low blights.
Some dews, not bogus.
Pretty natural locus.

Stories yet unsaid,
technically mistakes.
Hearts clashed in rhymes.
Now it’s you to decide.
-Rishabh kumar

Featured image by Luis Quintero
For NaPoWriMo Day 17


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