Memories bestowed

I know we started to carry all pebbles.
Yes, we had to go out in the woods,
but had got stuck with this solace.
Mind not me, just see some news.

So what did happen, can’t bare it now?
It’s good for us, can’t do little vow?
It gave us views in deluded surround.
To make not queues, have moments that count.

A few lost smiles, that wanted care.
A few lists written, craving back hopes.
A few nice memories could’ve vanished in works.
A few in mist to be get yet shown.

Collected few moments on roofs unexplored.
Got back learnings in books immature.
Concatenated alleys on stringed telephones.
Archived balconies same views at cores.

Put some vase at quite right place.
Assembled soldiers of childhood games.
Dirt got removed, from pieces of hearts.
Watched some galore, of ants unstarred.

Many yet remains in ways we walked.
What if I say and what if not.
It’s all our story, we can get it changed.
Memories bestowing, yet memories leaps.

-Rishabh Kumar

For NaPoWriMo Day 19
Featured image by Malcom garret
Do have a look at Star confidence

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