You did? #NaPoWriMo

It starts with a quench,
and turns into wrench.
The sky, the tide, the blue and the highs.
Won’t it matter to hollow?
rather living in solo.
The sour, the sweets, the bitter ,the wits.
You can be what you want, but not so to scar.
You can hide if you need, it’s not everyone’s plead.
To a man it might, or may be disguise.
But who knows it matters, gives all his tries.
If you loose some hope, it’s always you to cope.
So why not you hunt, what hungers your soap.
Oh! You know it mattered, to the forests, for betters.
It’s your view that bounds, doesn’t see those wounds.
You crave for better, yet plunge with haters.
It’s time to unfold that you can, and are bold.
To decide, what matters.
To behave for betters.
To be like few those ducks.
To believe in your guts.
But you mind your cats.
Please make beautiful
your wonderland.
-rishabh kumar

For NaPoWriMo:

The idiom: Quem não tem cão caça com gato
Literal translation: “He who doesn’t have a dog hunts with a cat.”
What it means: “You make the most of what you’ve got.” Basically, you do what you need to do, with what the resources you have.

Do see : listen when

Hey there, well thanks for reading this, and yes don’t forget to share your thoughts, will really feel appreciated.

Thank you again.🤗

Happy blogging. ❣️



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