Lost in love

profound as sound.
mystery, myth with wound.
few deep emotions
and twists that bound,
some hollow crave
and pursuing pace,
losing in that battle
but fate still waits.

starting with few blooms
care making heart room.
few delightful race
all bliss that groom.
yet narrowing trust,
can’t make all fool
getting all gloom
hoping turn off loom.

who will now haste,
to bring that faith.
getting back that trust
wish vanishing hate.
oh lord of love!
tie back some bonds,
give glimpse, hold hurls.
love demands lost pearls.

~Rishabh kumar

Didn’t go with today’s NaPoWriMo prompt.
Featured image by Artem Beliaikin

Hey there, well thanks for reading this, and yes don’t forget to share your thoughts, will really feel appreciated.
Thank you again.
Happy blogging.

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    1. 🌼Thank you miss Eugina🌼 Can I ask that, should I post my ❣️Quarantine poem ❣️or some other poem as you suggested for 😅Monday prompts 🌼Quarantine poem would be more like a massege🌼


          1. Oh this is actually the first time that someone is nominating me! How does that work?

            I’ve seen awards going around but I have no idea at all. But thank you so much, brotha. Appreciate your thoughtful ways!

            Liked by 1 person

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