Salute to Soldiers, the bravery, the hope,
that stood before us, to fight and cope.

Salute to the workers, to detach and detente,
that undermined all seethes, with accord and vigor.

Salute to the Doctors, to cure all nopes.
that saved people’s lives, with bravery and force.

Salute to all citizens, to follow and join,
that it wasn’t really possible without one, any kind.

Salute to the ladies, to look out all nation.
that loved with heart and showed devotion.

Salute to all those, cared strays, unshelterd,
that brought little joy to the poor unmentioned.

It’s really beauty of nature, some say wrath of it.
United we are, sailing single ship.

It’s really teaching of creator, wanted us to earn.
Nature isn’t someone’s owned, each of us equally learn.

-Rishabh kumar

Featured image by Oleg Magni

Some words I got to know :

  • detente : to maintain peace
  • undermined : weaken
  • seethes : burn out
  • accord : accept
  • vigor : energy

Hey there, well thanks for reading this, and yes don’t forget to share your thoughts, will really feel appreciated.

Thank you again.
Happy blogging.

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    1. Thank you, well I’m not yet that good at vocabulary, so I thought why not write it, if it can trouble me, there would be many other… and yes I didn’t comment on your post, it was really really great there, I was speechless literally, everyone had already said what I wanted to say, so no words could be better.🌼🌼🌼

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Even I am not that good at vocabulary…😅
    We are just budding writers…have to learn a lot…I guess..

    And Rishabh…you don’t have to say this… please….you read…you liked.. that’s very valuable to me..💙
    Whoever reads …likes.. comment on my post are very precious to me♥️

    Liked by 2 people

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