Who am I

In between ups, in between downs, hanging in between like a monkey, not a clown. want to gather it all, those fames with relations. But can't get it done, like I lost touch of emotions. laying on bed, i think all day. I shouldn't be thinking, but it has been my way. i forget mostly … Continue reading Who am I

Raining gift

Omg, it's raining. Can't express that animating. The voices with those drops, had healing with each splashing. The feelings get me thrilled. Some say, would get ill. Few minded not to join, Won't ask who don't mind. It's life, it's a choice. Alive or some disguise. You can say them insane, diversities long to hoist. … Continue reading Raining gift

दोस्ती : शायरी

सबके साथ ना खेलो,खिलाडी कई हैं मैदान में।एक दोस्त बनाओ सच्चा,जो पहचाने तुम्हें हजार में।कुछ अजनबी अपनों से हैकुछ अपनें अजनबी से हो गएएक वक्त था, बिन कहे सब जानते थेअब तो मिलकर भी,बस गुफ्तगू से हो गएतुम वो हो, तुम वो नहींतुम हो साथ, पर साथी नहींतुमसे है विश्वास, हमें खुद परतुम हो हम … Continue reading दोस्ती : शायरी

From me

Hey buddy, how are you? You seem sad, what happened to you? Couldn't see, in last few years. Had assumed, prodigious you were. Did something wrong, you gone through. Hey buddy, how are you? Well, you could talk. I was there. Don't be just mock, now tell me dear. You can let out what troubles … Continue reading From me

Seeking glad

Born a boy, successor of genes. Apple of eyes, pleasing grins. Early ages, full of joy. Day and nights, full of whys. Trainings, learnings, decisions made. Yes a magnate, no need consent. Houses change, and also the rents. Feelings never, made in days. Members opine, perceptions create. Serving or self, no chance to make. Family … Continue reading Seeking glad

दोस्ती के बिखरे पल

ये गीत उनके लिए जो भागती दौडती ज़िन्दगी में कहीं दूर निकल जाते हैं, याद तो होते है पर दिक्कत इस बात की होती है कि अक्सर बस यादों में ही रह जाते हैंजरा करीब तो आओजरा.... करीब तो आओजरा बैठो, कुछ सुनाओकहाँ चल दिए, कहाँ है जानाथोडा बैठो तो,कुछ तो सुनानाकुछ हाल दिल के … Continue reading दोस्ती के बिखरे पल