Will grace back

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Today’s NaPoWriMo was:

a challenge to write a poem about something that returns.

Today I tried Acrostic form of poem, for those who don’t know as I didn’t before:

acrostic is a poem in
which the first letters of the lines, read downwards, form a word,
phrase, or sentence.



Open streets
Holding nights, will again shine.

Yellow days,
End of glooms, will certainly
Set back to joy.

I believe, it’ll be back soon.

Knights of these fights,
Never drooping keen eyes,
On the mercy of the lights,
Will glow.

I know.
This is just test.

Will bind earth in quest, yes
It is journey for the next.
Lowering down people’s pride,
Loving isn’t in spoiling, elegance.

Rendering now same efforts
Equating all their turns.
Teaching what we got
Using all in knots, will
Recast it full to bring
Nature to divine.

Rishabh kumar

Some words I got to know

  • recast : repair
  • elegance : beauty
  • drooping : getting dry
  • Render : dedicate

Thanks for reading 😊

Stay loving. 🌼❣️🌼❣️🌼❣️

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