Even a rose has thorns : writing prompt

Featured image by Ylainte koppens

When you’re stuck in situations, created by you.
You can’t loose hope for the days got few.
Enlighten your mind, get loud your voice.
Gear up your speed and widen eyes.
You will certainly, find last of light.
Even a rose as you know got thorns to fight.
It can give you aroma, as always life does.
But life isn’t race, got to learn that first.
If you can’t get safe from thorns of life,
then how would you bloom with fragrance inside.
Acceptance is must, might not be easy.
Actions want courage, can’t get dizzy.
Up and downs are parts of life,
Blooming with just light can’t be right.

Rishabh kumar

Ok, this one just appeared while talking to Shreya on her post and just got noticed by a Tuesday writing prompt by Midwest Fantasy, just framed a little and presented before you, hoping you like it.

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Thanks for reading.


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    1. Thanks Ramazan, to read and find it that emotional πŸ˜…, I had just this attempt as started with conversations with Shreya here, and just in half hour, post this. This was like I hadn’t to search meanings and go through any stuff. Just my views… lol.. why am I telling you this. but thanks really for appreciating. πŸ’


    1. true chetna, actually I hadn’t to take a second thought on this one poem. it just went with the flow
      you know if we are good at metaphors and explain it to others, it gets really interesting. infact it does to me.. don’t know yours, you should try.

      Liked by 1 person

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