Pick right words (poetic)

Featured image by Andrea Piacqadio

Sometimes you know, sometimes not.
The words that you speak, can break one’s heart.
They won’t know if you meant, and get so far.
Some unsaid feelings, shut mouths prevailing war.
You believe, won’t matter, to you or to them.
Sometimes you think,
“Did I cause pain?
This pain or the war, was not my intent.
But I never knew it would go harsh, and that’s so lame.
Does it matter, does it not!
Should I try, or not!”
Simple game of trust, once broke can’t firm.
Might be a stranger, a he or a she.
People fake their smiles, keeping their mystery.
You can think and just think, did that really heart them.
What you get from words, so you better choose well.

-rishabh kumar

I hope you like it, thanks for reading and yes,



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