From me

Hey buddy, how are you?

You seem sad, what happened to you?
Couldn’t see, in last few years.
Had assumed, prodigious you were.
Did something wrong, you gone through.

Hey buddy, how are you?

Well, you could talk. I was there.
Don’t be just mock, now tell me dear.
You can let out what troubles you.
Believe me at least, will face, if true.

Hey buddy how are you?

Well I was thinking how different we are.
You’re rumpled and I hadn’t to yearn.
You made choices, you reached you goal.
You turned me into you, with all your scores.

But yet buddy, do you know!

I didn’t ever, leave your rule.
I’m still there, in thought of yours.
You get my calls to get over false.
And I believe, it’s not your fault.

Do you know!

You are my favorite.
Someone, who never ever betrayed.
This world, isn’t harsh on you.
It’s your belief, didn’t shift its view.

So hey buddy, cheer up my pal.

We together, has a realm of valour.
If you look, see deep inside.
I’m yours and you are my vigor.
This time will pass too soon.

So yes buddy, never hesitate to show wound.

-Rishabh kumar

  • prodigious : amazing
  • realm : region, place
  • valour: daring
  • vigor : strength

Featured image by Luis Quintero

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