Who am I

In between ups, in between downs,

hanging in between like a monkey,

not a clown.

want to gather it all,

those fames with relations.

But can’t get it done,

like I lost touch of emotions.

laying on bed, i think all day.

I shouldn’t be thinking, but it has been my way.

i forget mostly things, that i learn through year.

It isn’t so, cause I don’t seem that to bear.

practicing receited, memories blinded.

Want to know from me,

who really am I?

What I do want!

What I mean from life!

Am i living it like waste!

Is it worth thinking nights!

Will it take me somewhere!

Do I want just to leave!

Am i being like truant!

Or I miss some unseen!

Don’t I hustle, don’t believe!

Am i searching some to heal!

the question are never ending,

like the mystery, missing zeal.

It has to get start, or I know,

it will ruin everything.

It should reply me soon,

what I lost in midway.

Well I knew some troops,

All agreed to the loops,

To do what they told

without of the own.

They always wanted leading,

like they never had dreams.

Enslaved of the bonds,

like we did for earning.

Is it life, Is it not.

I have lost my thoughts.

Want to know, what’s next.

Will He do for my best!

Yes I know he’s mate.

he can take some late.

Better hurry to reveal.

cause I really miss me

and willing to reck.

-Rishabh kumar

Featured image by Misha Earle


  1. Hey rishabh. Happy New month!!!!.
    I just nominated you for the Penable award. Feel free to accept it♥♥.


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