Do you work!

What do we work for!
Just three Seasons.
security, success
and satisfaction.

security of respect and
security of earning.
can make you think
to achieve all fraction.

it’s also the same
one fears of loosing.
it keeps itself in
his mind closed burning.

you got to give best like
blessings that’s hidden.
intentionally picked
in indirect hurrying.

you can make learn
through past few learners.
can start believing
through applied notion.

You can get it.
it’s in your guts.
I’m sure you are always
best in your must.

it’s not your face
that does that magic.
it’s your knowledge through words
that wakes your wrappings.

Success you can see
in all your dreams.
not just your
also past friend feels.

So you got to get a route
and work on that
it can take long
but you won’t get break.

here you want your self inspiration
forget that makes you less
even people get demotion.

Visualise to the vocal
vocals to realisation.
interest that you lack
just cause of doubtful motion.

Go grab the intention
don’t you know what’s that!
broaden your thoughts.
see how many wakes.

it’s not only you
would get the impression.
Won’t you learn a lot
in struggles of voyage.

enjoy each hurdle
it makes you worthy.

The person earns own
is scared of blights.
But the thinker of world
never creates by fight.

The fighters do think first
of all his nation.
that’s how connect hearts
with deep emotion.

It’s the moment,
You will get free.
You got no worries.
Strength is country.

-Rishabh kumar

Featured image by fauxels

Thank you everyone for all your support as I am not that online these days. It means a lot to me.


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