A world without human

Well I’m a human, and so we all are. Are you not? Well, who am I kidding! If you can read and understand what I’ve written you are. We, human have evolved through our discovereries, needs and their relevant invention. We think, we feel, we can do many things. We can control the uncontrollables too for some extent, but not everything. We can have glitches in sites intentionally or in the indirect ways. We have created a lot in world. But what if there were no humans existed ever anywhere in the world.

Let me think, this world as we call it our mother. As we have deep feelings for our home, so do we for the nation, the world. We are a part of it.

What are the other parts of it? If I say just in a word, it’s ‘nature’.What is it made of! Yes, it is the environment, the plants and yes the animals as I have excluded the human.

Think like this, if there were no human. There won’t be much to share, yes. I would only be able to describe about the nature. Its dramatic scenes like valcanoes, the glaciers, the waterfalls, rains, rivers, cute cuddly animals just enjoying the nature and providing the carbon dioxide for the photosynthesis.

If there were no human, would there be any wars? No. If there were no humans, would any animal be worried of getting killed by them!, No. Could the nature not prosper without human? No. Definitely it could. Well yes, there wouldn’t be any record of history that would be noted for the justice or for the information of anyone. Yes, there hadn’t to be any medicines for anything, animals would be getting all the medications through the nature itself. What could be bad actually then? I guess it would create just majority of carnivores. Well I’m not an expert, just giving out my opinions.

All through years we, humans are always trying to extract the medical possibilities for us. For ourselves we cut down the forest. We created fire for ourselves that endangered species. Yes, many species got extinct because of us. The climate lost its balance day by day and we know it, it was us, responsible for it.

Nature never demands anything from us. It’s us who need it first. Every creature lived happily without human. Yes, they hadn’t to struggle for food if there were no human.

Another brutal act by human for another unborn child of nature.

We say we gave them shelter as we are part of this nature. Actually first we snatched everything from them. The freedom, the legacy, the Nature. Are we really human?

Living together and being together are two different things. We, humans have hatred, deceits, dishonesty, feeling to insult someone. We quarrel even within the family members. A girl doesn’t feel safe as an adult. We create traps for others, created different religions, created inequalities. Well, would there be anything like that if we didn’t exist, No. I guess not.

My intention by this post is just to give myself a view for the better. I don’t know much. Don’t know yours, like what would you think of it and come up with. But yet I feel, as any creature does.

Thank you for reading.

Featured image by Mohamed Sarim


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