The days have passed, the bond got loose.

the memories in minds, holding.. very fews.

The trust isn’t broke, the connections are alive.

nurturing voices in ears, do really passing by.

The sights are different, the people are not.

the eyes been trapped…. by tangible false.

I cast, they see.

the fake mystery.

the smiles on face,

haven’t lost yet thee.

yes, haven’t lost thee.

it’s somewhere between.

They knew me well.

They could get hell.

Well i needed us.

cause wasn’t our bus.

Yes, wasn’t the bus, the change would crush.

I know they wont neither would do fuss.

The life will pass and will just cross.

The tragedies, the traumas and adventurous polls.

Going to soon sail, like vast with whales.

oh it will soon pass, just going to cross.

The melody of time, might be second last.

Let’s see what happens, the coming up days.

Can make good money, or keep some change.

yeah see this buddy, see its just a game.

Don’t get so serious, you aren’t stupid lame.

You can do.

And you will soon.

You can do.

And you will soon.

You can do.

And you will soon.

You can do.

And you will soon.

-Rishabh kumar

pic by Rishabh kumar

Featured image by Artem Beliaikin

Thank you everyone for all your support. These days I’m like out of thoughts to write. Got to know myself better. WordPress has always been a good way to know what I actually like. I like to write but things happen. I will continue this journey soon. Stay tuned.


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