Movies that reconnects you to life

These days I watched a lot of movies. To understand what means for me and what not. Sometimes I guess, we are really entangled in our thoughts that we don’t see what is going to be the next step of our journey and where we are actually leading. Are we ready to leave something behind to reset our life for a new start. The movies I watched were all about different aspects of life. I watched south Indian hindi dubbed, animated and some other. I was really like seeking something that could help me further to accept and write about. Well it is well said that our story is in our hand. But I guess some circumstances, situations or some beliefs make us stop somewhere midway. Today I am not editing anything, just writing what I feel. Each movie I watched I found a part of life. Devotion in friendship, bad luck changing to good luck, some dreams achieved against society, a reason to live and the mysterious ways it gets revealed to us. I guess each of has a different sight to see things, don’t we? Actually if remember right someone has already said-“you get what you seek.” and I guess we always seek what we want. A meaning, a reason, a smile, a path.Well I won’t say that I found it. Of course who would just by seeing movies. I guess we get the meaning of life when we connect to the nature. In last decades we all have been seeing all developed countries so powerful that nothing could harm them. But in these pandemic even the underdevelop countries getting more clear sights. Nature has all the answers. It makes us learn. Actually nature is not any other world, it is between us. Generally we define it through the mountains like God made things where we find peace. Have we really lost that? I guess not. We are too worried of the upcoming that we don’t enjoy the moment. But I know now nature is just relaxing through what we already have, feeling each moment to its full, not breaking the laws of humanity, accepting the facts of the present and saying that yes Thank you God for everything.I had a lot of incompleted posts, but now I guess now I won’t post much of any those cause repeating the old would actually make me remember those again.I would recommend you all to watch these movies that made my sight more clearer. Each have a different message regarding life. I know you won’t regret watching any of these twice. Each time we see a sight, we have a different glimpse, depends on our own nature. I liked these movies so much and I am quoting some of my favorite dialogues and the reason what could make you connect to life from them. You can also go to the Wikipedia sites too clicking over the names.

1.The snow queen 2

This animated story is based on self realization about a person who has a habbit of telling lies and boast about himself.

You have defeated your hate.

Appreciation by the king.

Maybe we don’t speak lie as you did. But that doesn’t lessen our mistakes. Some of us are greedy, some rude and some so selfish. But you defeated your biggest flaw. Just think how many of us can do that. These statues envoke us to be successful in our lives and for doing that you don’t need to take a tour of the world or fight with hail storms, we just have to defeat the devil inside us.

2.Au Secours, Jai Rétréci Ma Prof!

This is a story of a boy who is weak in studies yet have a different sight of his own to see the world ,actually he need admission in his last school in the city. It’s imagination of writer of the movie that made it so interesting along with the principle of that school getting shrink. It runs in a school which is protected by the ghost of the founder of the school. Well no, it’s not a horror movie. It is for the kids. It makes clear that how our education system should change and what are the actual flaws in it.


Yes, it is about a girl who never stopped dreaming and this is journey of her success and her friend, who went through downs yet succeeded.

You can defeat her because you have the thing she can only dream of, your passion. Use it, feet your pain, your anger, your happiness. Use it all in your dance. Every music, every sound and all that tone that thrill your body. From your hairs on your head to the nails of toes and this way, only this way, you can defeat her.

4.Justin Vollig Verritert

This animation movie reveals the purity of heart of a boy and gets you firm that whatever you actually want, like actually, you will surely get one day.

5.Motorcycle girl

This biopic is basically against the society thoughts, raising for the equality of girls among patriarchal rules. The movie is so loving, soft and yes of a dream of a girl for the love of her father.

6.No. 1 Dilwala (Vunnadhi Okate Zindagi)

This movie is truly remarkable over trust, friendship and love. Understanding of each other, sacrifices for each other and unconditional love in different forms of life, truly admirable.

dost k liye jitna kro kam hai

7.Ye hai zindagi

This movie touched me deep. Its a journey of three friends who came to acknowledge the meaning of life, a journey to find reason.

Life me piche mud k dekha to koi car Bangla nhi dikha, dikha to sirf us god me li Choti bachchi ka muskurata chehra aur ye Himalaya ki photo.

8.Mummy save me

A horror thrilling movie of a family that put outs the limits of affection between a child and her mother.

Jan k dukh hua tumhare sath anyay hua, pr Kumari jo tum abhi kr rhi kya vo nyay hai

9.Dear comrade

It’s a love story of a boy, arrogant with his thoughts and a girl who has potential to achieve her goal but somehow the crucial thought of an individual mindset harms it. The movie reveals how someone got able to change his life and perceptions and how the love and nature healed it.

Achanak se mujhe bhot dar lag rha hai, charo traf ghana andhera hai.. door door tk insan ka namonishan nhi hai. minus 6 degree… agar mujhe kuch ho gya to… Mai sirf ek bar tumhe dekhna chahta hoo

Message -“Apne liye ladna sikho”

10.Life mein twist(Manasuku Nachindi)

A love story indeed of two different friends yet completing eachothers that makes the boy more reliable and responsible acknowledging him about himself through nature via making him meet his passion, reason and love.


This movie is of a powerful honest police officer. In the first half, there are some comedy and love startups of this cute story that changes into more of a twist in the second half. It shows affection of a father for his child and gives the society the glimpse of right parenting too.

Sala.. meri akhiri khwahish puch rha hai

teacher hu na… bachcho k sath bado ko bhi sudharti mai

12.Diljala ashiq (Naa… Nuvve)

May be a more like a fairytale. A love story that strikes through destiny. I guess there are really people of both types who believe in destiny and those who don’t. This story is, I guess firming the believe over love that somewhere, someone is destined to be with us. More than a real, it looked like a dream, yet it gives lovers the affirmations about not being sad at any moment.

love love love, destiny

13.Paper boy

This love story gives you glimpse of love between a lower class boy and a high class girl, who have some similar thoughts that connects them. This way it deliveres the mentality of some harsh society.

Girl: B. tech k bad bhi paper bat te ho..(You sell newspapers even after having B. tech)Boy: Vo to ghar chalane k liye aur ye future k liye(That was for running the house and it’s for future)

“Life ko mujhe apne najariye se dekhna tha aur galti se kitabo ki najar se dekhne lga”

The message of the movie is to show that:

Every life has a purpose, we will die only when it is fulfilled.

14.The perfect girl : 2015

This story is a love story that goes beyond time. An hourly meet that is described in the story beautifully, changes the lives of the two. They meet after 14 year. Sometimes the time might not be right, that’s why things happen.

Mom, ye hmari society ki bhut bdi conspiracy hai k log ek dusre k bin jee na pae, ladko ko cooking se door rkhte ho aur ladkiyo ko cooking sikhate ho…. jb ek bachelor ko bhook lgegi, vo to yhi sochega k kash meri ek biwi hoti jo mere liye mast garma garam parathe bnati… aur meri mst zindagi ka the end

This poem, the boy dedicates to the girl

तेरे खयालों के पर
तुझमें कहीं उडान ढूँढते हैं
बाँध के जो रखी है तुमने उडने की आजादियाँ
उन्हीं उडानों को ना जाने कितने आसमान ढूँढते हैं
वही बातें जो अब तक मैं तुमसे करता था
वही लफ्ज, तेरी बोली, तेरा निशान ढूँढते हैं
वही चोट जो कल तक तुमने खाई होगी
वही जख़्म मेरे अंदर, तेरी खराशे, तेरा निशान ढूँढते हैं
तुम रंग रंग बदल सकती हो गुजरे हुए कल की तस्वीर
तुम पल पल बदल सकती हो अपनी लिखी हुई तकदीर
बस, तुम अपने सोच के पिंजरे से निकालो खुद को
बस, तुम इन बहके हालातों में सम्भालो खुद को-taken from the story

15.Actor in law

The story is about a struggling actor, who became a fake lawyer in court but through his acting skills and his right thinking he became a true actor in law. There are comedy, dramatic, emotional and harmonies of the journey well woven and played by actors. The movie has a lot of good perks, melodious and emotional scenes. A scene where the actress takes away her own case of being wooed by the society men cause no woman, even being seen badly, due to considering respect of family more than her own, didn’t come as witness in court. Even if the movie couldn’t collect that much review, it leaves a good message to people that even an ordinary man can make change that is given by each one of the role. Actor had chosen wrong way for a good reason, helped people. It’s a good movie to watch.


It’s a thriller story of a girl who cheated famous people who were blind, trapping them into love with an evil mind. It simply shows that not every girl is nice, neither each one is bad. The society really has such people who can misuse our feelings for their profit.

Success akele insan ki nhi hoti, sbki success hi asli success hoti hai.

17.The digital thief (Thiruttu Payale 2)

It’s about a part of life when our real life get endangered by the virtual life over sites. It raises through a honest police who get honest corrupt where his and his wife’s lives tackle with an virtual conflicts. The unexpected turnings of the film make it complete thriller.

ye sb tumhara hai, pr tumhara nhi hai

18.Ratsasan (Main hoon Dandadhikari)

The story is full thriller of a struggling film writer who wants to make his first film over phsyco killer which he had studied a lot through years of newspapers. Twist comes when situation make him enter as police officer where he meets similar case of a person killing school girls. The story has a lot of messages for the society and it will really make you think over your actions.

Sushant Singh rajput

Now when I’m talking the movies that connects you to life, we won’t forget ever Late Ms. Sushant Singh Rajput. Truly admirable for his roles in different movies e.g. Kedarnath, M.S. Dhoni: The untold story, Kai Po Che, Chhichhore. He was really a struggler and he actually played all the roles with depth in all these. Kedarnath, a movie over real natural disaster and a fight against inte-religion or intercast hates, did he actually lose there? What do you say? M.S. Dhoni as a biopic of our star cricketer Mahi. Kai po Che as the struggler and Chhichore giving us the meaning of unconditional friendship and faith in relation. He will surely live among us through them. I can’t yet imagine what actually would have happened that he left us, I was actually waiting for his movies. May be he couldn’t win much awards but he won hearts of people. I’m sure we all would be missing him. Let his soul rest in peace and the close ones be well.

Really each movie that I saw was a complete learning. Each of them has a message. A message about life, a message about friendship, about society, about nature, about love and above all about “Hope”. Thank you for joining this journey.Featured image by Pixabay

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        1. Yeah miss Era, technically I’m out of net and physically I’m not in interactions with much people these days so the emotions of letting the poems out feels somewhat empty,
          just passed time learning something through these movies, it is good to see these I guess when you are having a bad time at home 😅

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  1. Snow queen was an excellent movie and I loved every bit of it! Dear comrade was a little disappointing in the beginning because I went with expectations but all of that was met in the second half and I agree, that’s a movie worthy of a spot on your list.
    The others however are new to me but definitely on my list to watch during the coming months. Great effort at compiling these 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad ☺, that you really took time to read this post.. these days I’m out of net and less interactions, which were the cause of my poems, has lessened … these movies will really be worth seeing I’m sure… each one seen by me personally.. so will be really good if you see in your time. 🌷🌻🌼,stay safe miss Anya

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s good to see you embracing movies from different languages. You’ve very well provided descriptions for those. I’ve watched just three from your list. I hope to watch others sometime!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. well it was really a great task to choose among thousands of movies, luckily I wandered through the right one’s and so thought of sharing those..

      oh yes I forgot to tell about the movie
      Au Secours, Jai Rétréci Ma Prof!
      It’s really a great one to watch.. will post it soon updated… thanks for reading Anisha, really it means so much


  3. I watched a few but will watch the other ones with my siblings! It’s a great way to just sit back, relax and have fun watching a good family movie!


  4. Totally agree with you. Sushant Sir’s each and every movie had a hidden message which he gave us very subtly. By the way, it is Sushant Singh Rajput and there’s no ‘h’ after the first S. Hope you don’t mind my saying this.

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