Oh my lord! What a lovely son.

Thank you God for giving me turn.

Wish me best that I be just able.

The things I could not, afford for him.

I forgot my pain in smile of his.

The finger he touched, made me bliss.

I promise you lord that I’ll do my best.

I want your help to nurture the rest.

The family, the hopes,

the downs, may not rise.

The keen in his eyes wishing

not to go through ice.

The sorrows I take.

Let him be my make

Ahh… no..

My make, my make.

The creator, am i late!

Please give me some sight.

I’m lost in fright.

Just get him to the best.

Take me as the waste.

I promise I won’t ever complain.

Take him to the hosts.

Let me be the ghost.

I wish for his paradise.

Oh.. why couldn’t I haste?

I’m lost without game.

Sorry son, couldn’t hate.

Giving you my wrath.

I could not oblivate.

The scenes are the same that I had in my days.

So… I oblige for this incompetence.

Oh lord is it fate!

That I couldn’t reach the gate.

My son still wonders … that it is his mistake.

Oh lord, oh pain.

Let me be vasssal of his guilt.

Don’t let gloom find his address.

I beg you my boon.

Please give me back my son.

The one, that I had touched.

Infant without grudge.

I wish he’s here.

The sharks won’t blight.

I’m armor, it’s my prize.

Would you not be justice, Oh God!

Thank you for this prize.

Might be filthy yet nice.

I know your will.

I’m your extant.

So you won’t let me ever regret.

Thanks Ohh Good,

for everything.

-rishabh kumar

Featured image by @Seb
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