inner conflicts

No excuses

Hey you clumsy, eagerly wild.

Aren’t you new? Untrained, unhired!
What’s your matter, why don’t you run!
Don’t you see, it’s not your turn.
You will be broke, you will be torn.
See your legs, already shivered.
Ha ha ha, you are now lame.
You can’t win me.
You are not brave.

Brave! Brave!
Am i not that?
Who are you mister! who gave you rein?
This shivering legs might not mark assertive.
I took you in, being not neighbourly.
You made me stop, away from me.
The trust I had, you threw to sea.
Doubted friends, the love they showed.
Yes, you almost tightened like rope.

So are you not?
You know, I’m you.
Within born, created for you.
We were friends.
Just made for eachother.
Think all day, we were lovely terrors.
You believed me, more than you.
You called me always.
You are the weak.

No, I’m not.

Yes, you are.
You might be friendly but wear that scar.
You won’t forget, you coat my part.
You are not pretty, laziest cart.

Pretty or lovely, I don’t need now.
I know myself, I am how.
I am a believer, I always have hope.
I am a struggler, you can not cope.
I am the controller.
You are not.
Yes, you are my part.
You won’t win me
I got the selfless heart.

-rishabh kumar

Featured image by 
Pexel : Wallace Chuck
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