Love, don’t love
Hate or not.
Believe, just don’t?
Will not stay in Heart!

Give, don’t give.
Your time or what.
Have patience, would not?
Won’t be the lavish ward!

Think, don’t think.
It’s necessary or not.
You can, would you?
Is it not in your craft!

I know everyone wants to talk here, pass time with chitchats but I guess mostly no one is going to be with you when you need. You are your own support, hope. You have a choice to struggle or relax. You get yourself away from the world and take pleasure of the moments, but somehow somewhere you know it, it’s not the thing you wanted.

Should we feel guilty of feeling that? I guess not. Somewhere, in any part of life, I guess each one of us do feel that way. It’s not easy to change ourself, our beliefs what we held so long within, without sharing from the world. “Lonely “, Yeah, I guess that’s the word for that. For me, loneliness is a feeling like no one cares for me, no one would remember me. I haven’t done something great to be remembered. So why do we feel lonely? Why do we always need someone to listen. I have felt that whenever I helped someone, even with my suggestions. It makes me happy. Whenever I felt so alone, forgot, I found a reason to smile again, may be it’s God. Well who knows, and again, goes well that ‘what we give is what we get’.

I guess we just want to be heard, to find someone that feels similar to us, that could connect us and that’s how I guess the private chatting apps were created. I’ve been big addicted to one of those so long, whenever I felt empty. One of my secret since I lost trust. I guess first we should mend what we feel that we’ve lost, our thoughts, our beliefs, ourself, but first inner, for the outer.

Mentally it feels so great first that someone, somewhere is interested in us and our thoughts. If I see on technical basis, they offer security of our privacy but if I think more it becomes more of an attachment, a trap of our mind that we won’t like to leave. The app itself can be a big trouble. Yeah, I guess it can be. Many softwares get hacked. In this technical era where everything goes online, information is the biggest resource of all the surveys. What if the basics chitchats by us get into someone’s evil mind and it turns that into a weapon of knowledge for us!

5 thoughts on “Lonely?

  1. Questions who would remember me and you will be there when needed etc so apt and in this present times, trusting anybody is also so difficult
    Very well written article 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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