Gaming with Money through Rat Race

Hey there friends! How are you all? I hope you are well and doing good these days. Well as you all know I’ve been into my poetic journey so long, proving as niche of my blogs but these days I’m like trying new things. Well of course, this so called free time of this pandemics, is really making us think beyond our expectations I guess. I’d say like completely tata to my mobile games except the ludo which I used to play after the badminton match with my sister and a few kids of neighbour. But this pandemic season, so much less interaction with people, the crazy going ups and downs in life and I guess being empty like feeling as the same today and tomorrow, I couldn’t think much of poems and got back into addiction of games.

Well I’m not so choosy of the games now but I remember the days when only Mario and Contra were the only option of my video game and had the tiny electronic gaming box of puzzle block, shooting and snakes. I guess every 90’s kid would have surely remember that. Uffff… then came the electronic gadget era and play store in our mobiles surrounded us with so many options of games and still so many gaming apps getting improved with features day by day as pokemon, pub ji, battles games. I guess today play store has all type of games. Yes, including mario, contra too for all group of ages, for every person, paid, unpaid, with or without subscription too.

Having said about all this, let me say this too as I’m twenty-four today, I would always like to get my thoughts on the right track. I know all of those games has fun, some of them give us focus, some give flexibility, improve our imagination, some enhance our memory, speed and attention too. But far from those I like those games which connect me somehow for real world too. I mean I’m not against all those tricky, relaxing and energetic games. But I guess my mind make me always go some other way. lol.. okay. I’m stopping it now.

Hey have you read the Rich dad poor dad book by Robert kiyoshaki? Well if not, you must. It gives you sight of being an entrepreneur, a dreamer. Ok, suddenly why am I suggesting you this book cause this book had also introduced me to a game “The rat race” If you read the book, you will certainly get to know how trapped we are in thoughts of old times, that really won’t change easily.The pictures I used are the screenshots from the app and the featured image is by Element5digitalI didn’t know that someone would also had made an app similar to as told by Robert in his book but I guess I found it. I certainly loved the feature of this game, the way it makes us think and if we compare it with the real world it really broadens our view towards money. You can find this app easily with this link of rat race but first let me tell you that its not a battle app where you will exercise your fingers. Neither it’s an app to improve your memory and speed. More than that it directs you with a super dream of your life.And gives you ways to reach it as soon as possible. As told in the book, this game makes you think in investing for better, with having your profession just as a tool and give you sight to gain freedom and security of money. Yes, if you play this game, you will get to know that it is so similar to real world. It will certainly give every kid the sight of challenges of reallity and show how money works. Well yes, figures are not quite similar, not at all. And that’s how if you think more, you will get to know how hard it can be to grow money in real world. It made me realize that how important it is, to have good customer and consumer relations. I guess in every buissness or service, we would have to be in contact of those who need our services and those who can enhance the quality of our ideas. This rat race game is divided into two theories I guess.

  1. Day race
  2. Month race

Day race

It will make you realize that sometimes the change you wish for, might not be right. You will get sad for the choices you made on daily basis, but yes, after a few days of practice you will thank yourself for making those mistakes too. Life has risks but only those, who make it through the crisis, learn more and reach goal faster. It tests your patience and make you hard and intense toward your actions.Month race
It made me think how much time we delivered in so less steps. First I wasn’t getting that view while playing it, but soon I realized even if I got good comparison by skipping through month, I was using so much of time actually. In real life, we don’t realize how time flies so easily. For once I was in high school, then intermediate, graduation and now here. Infact it really amazed me with the uncertainty of time with certainty of reaching.Tell me. If you had two options: first the long, riskless and second the short, adventurous. What would you choose? Definitely the adventurous. Right? But I guess thinking of money, we always stop ourselves, take lesser risks, thinking it more than anything. Well money is quite a topic to write about. It is necessary or not. It is binding or letting us free.I guess the game was so good that it only directs you just to get your dream achieved. You get all the things, friends, perks of life, your needs through the journey and yes for the ultimate goal, you got to use them all. Well it has hid them all, just gave a glimpse through figures. It has limited us too within just two options to get out of each type of race but even if in real we can have more than two options, we haven’t been able to adjust them so far. It will make you realize how important is to gain positive cash flow and if you think, you will get to know how hard and how simple it is.Well I am not doing promotion for the app but I just hope someone plays this race race kind of game himself and get meaning of whatever I tried to convey.

Well, do you also have any suggestions of such interesting game that made you think like this?Do not forget to tell about it, people will love it.Till then, stay safe, stay happy, keep up towards your goal.


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