9 Reasons why we fail to achieve self discipline

Losers get excuses in every situation, but the champions find solutions even in dark.

You can say it like Losers find problems, even in opportunities and, The winners find opportunities, even in problems. Well it’s never too late.

You have a lot of plans listed down somewhere to conquer, but would it all work! I guess not. It can be possible only if you have self discipline.

The thing that comes in between planning and success, is self discipline. It’s a bridge. So,

What is discipline:

The power to do the things which is right but not interesting in our nature.

We don’t need discipline to sleep, right! The things that is not interesting for you, isn’t that easy, doing those things is difficult.

The things that are interesting, doing that isn’t hard. But mostly that doesn’t have connection to your your goals. Does that! think.

But why?

Anything that’s interesting, comes within your comfort zone. And the goals you want to get, is always out of your comfort zone and breaking this zone is neither easy nor interesting. But I guess you know it well, that you got to do those things, that takes you out of your comfort zone.

So what to do

First we will talk about comfort zone, See, human has nature of compromising. We are always ready to make compromises, from our birth. That’s how it start. When time comes, you dont have that keen to achieve your goal and until you are eager, anxious, you can’t get out of it. That’s cause we have been compromising, that doesn’t let restlessness happen to you.

Most of people need a force to move.

  • outer force : discipline
  • inner force : self discipline

If you know science, there is no displacement without a force, right? Similar is for us, but if doesn’t, it get us into worse, back into years.

Outer force are those who keep us in discipline, like the teacher used to force us to be regular, punctual and tidy everytime in schools. If you remember in these lockdowns too some people were beaten by the police so that they could get disciplined, right? But as you all would agree, now the self discipline is the inner force that you create to guide yourself, no one else, just you in a certain direction.

So what are the reasons that we fail to achieve self discipline

I can assure you that in world 99.99% couldn’t get self discipline. It is really that hard absolutely. Only 0.1% would be able to create this inner force. The planning, writing it somewhere, understanding the process is easy but achieving self discipline, not easy, not at all. 99.99% always crave for some outer force, only the rare 0.01% people acquire it.

1. Lacking sense of urgency

This is the cause that we always postpone our plans for later. We feel like the goal we are doing everything for, is not so urgent for now and thus we don’t work those things that is connected to our goal. Haven’t you felt like that any day? Students study one or two month before exams and when you have just two or three days left for exams, you would study even for 18 hours a day.

2. The attitude- “it’s enough for now”

I guess we never know when this attitude crosses over limit and the time crosses a full portion of our life. It’s really dangerous fact. Forgiving ourselves is for making us better for the next time but this attitude makes us addicted of this acceptence and that’s really not good at all.

3. Lacking maturity

Age has no connection with maturity. There are people lesser than 18, who got mature early. It’s possible that even a 30 year old might not be so mature than this 18 year young. Maturity is in our mind that sees what’s right and what’s not. it happens cause

4. Lacking the sense of responsibility

Only those who care for their responsibilities can achieve self discipline. The people who don’t care for responsibilities are those who think like the thing will be done when the time comes, not before or after and they live freely. I guess they need self discipline badly but… are really undisciplined irresponsible.

5. Lacking the habit of checking your progress

Checking our progress is important too. It fuels our motive. Really there are people who don’t check and compare ever that where they were and what they were doing a few days, months and years ago. I guess it does get us far from the self discipline and yes, our motivate. If we work for 29 days with all efforts, can’t we recheck ourself just for day! Just 12 days of a year. I guess we can. To find out what we learned extra. What bad habits we left and you know we must. I’m with you. Really we need to need this all our life. Were you honest with yourself? Were you really committed to grow, to learn? We should work for progress. Do you? Ask yourself. How would you know? Do it now. For once you’re thrilled with your progress, you acquire a strong will for your work and that’s how self disciplined you would actually be. I know people would comment that they agree and that, that I wrote really well. But we know only 1 out 1000 would be able to do so, even for me for now.

6. No one to ask, guide and inspire

There are depressed souls who need inspiration. People who are keen for care from someone just because they don’t have a mentor yet. I guess giving knoweldge isn’t the work of teachers or mentors now. We can get a bunch of sources of information from a lot of plance. Implementation is required at superiority and that’s where mentors would and should be with us, guiding, and inspiring.

7. Not being ready to accept mistakes

If we won’t accept our mistakes, we can’t create self-discipline.

8. Not hungry to reach your next level

If you aren’t hungry, you won’t eat well. Similarly if you aren’t hungry for your progress, you don’t crave for it, you won’t push yourself with the same attitude of “it’s enough for now”. We must work really towards it, hungrier always for more.

9. Absence of the fear of long term failure

Instant pleasure Vs Long term achievement

If we work only for instant pleasure, we would miss the long term achievements. We want to live the moment, enjoy it fully, even if it is just momentarily pleasure. Decide it. From now, whenever you wish to waste time. Decide it, instant pleasure or long term success and achievements? Remember this, ordinary people always choose instant pleasure first. They don’t have a long term vision.


1. Punish yourself

Whenever you aren’t doing what you should actually be doing, not following your routine to get yourself towards your goal. Punishing isn’t like harming yourself, you can do it like this that if you like to drink tea, and you didn’t do what you should have done punish yourself that you won’t drink for three days for it. Set it just as a reminder of your fault.

2. Reward yourself

If you did the right thing, celebrate it. It will give you a deep pleasure indeed, of the fulfillment of your wish and motivate you for more. But reward only if more than 40% of your work is done. Don’t be pity on yourself. Ask yourself honesty for it.

Implementation is must absolutely and a will takes time to change into a habit. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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Source of this post: Self discipline

Featured image by Julia M Cameron

Thanks for reading. Don’t let my poetry section be unseen of your eyes. Happy blogging.


  1. Do you have a source for these numbers: “99.99% always crave for some outer force, only the rare 0.01% people acquire it.”?

    Have you tried the self-punishment method? If so, how does it work for you? Does it feel more like accountability (if I don’t do it, there will be consequences) or does it actually feel like punishment?

    Im asking these question because I come from a very different strand of thinking, and I’m curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the right source of this post below in my post, I guess he wanted to strength his words, to get impacted with our mind, saying that it won’t be easy.

      Yes, I have tried it too. the self punishment is more like a reminder and also strengh our desire to acquire self discipline as soon as we can. Getting self discipline is a battle with self and i guess my first right competence must be me, not anyone else.

      Well I also believe that comparing is good sometimes, but when time comes I realized that I was changing myself for someone else, that I hadn’t wish for.
      I hope you understand it.

      I had questioned it all myself too, but as curious you are now I guess you will find your answers too just in your way, sooner or later.
      Thanks for reading though. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Inspiring words..👍🏻 well composed and so practical post on self discipline… self discipline is kind of restriction for better you..and it’s inevitable part of a successful life..
    Recently I worked on stopping myself from watching TV and now it’s being 6 long months 😊this steps helps..and even I did a post on the same.. https://lafemina.home.blog/2020/08/30/when-i-stopped-watching-tv-step-1-to-self-discipline/..
    👍🏻😊keep writing keep inspiring ✍️

    Liked by 1 person

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