Let your feelings flow

Let us let it flow.

Let it just flow in our words.
Let it gather all it’s noise.

Let it not cage any thoughts.
Let it just blow blue skies.

Let it not hold anything back.
Let it be our true insight.

Let it not bind with music.
Let it be free as vibe.

Let it follow higher mountains.
Let it go deep in eyes.

Let it remember all the memories.
Let it just attend this time.

Let it grieve.
Let it laugh.
Let it thank you in disguise.

Let it make the new you.
Let it love with your lies.

Let it not just sit back.
Let it not break the ice.

Let it live.
Let it give.
Let it take you to give rise.

Let it fight with it’s wonders.
Let it earn that new born life.

Let it be.
Let it go.
Let it hold all the rhymes.

Let it be keen.
Let it be wrong.
Let it be hungry just to thrive.

Let it be silent.
Let it go for jump.
Let it feel all through life.

Let it be open.
Let it just imagine.
Let it go animate the halts.

Let it hide.
Let it glow.
Let it flow through your life.

Let it just flow through your life.
Let it just flow through your life.

-rishabh kumar

Featured image by Jessica Gaudioso

by insta : the_world_of_illustrationl

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