Let’s try…. or not?

Let’s try not to try.

Let’s get this for a while.

Let’s be just happy with smiles and highs.

It’d be super cool, if had nothing to loose.

If trying wasn’t needed, for the fun with a booze.

This is really getting old, the time getting folds,

in nights that are merry and I’m still up on cruise.

Oh dear miss marry and the Christ of Jenerio.

Wanna get seen to you spreading wings like Salario.

I know it’s trying and really not so bad.

I’d wish for the rhymes, up and down of the race.

I offer you grace that I long embraced.

But i know this attempt, just a test, competence.

I thank you for this gift.

The life and it’s mess.

Thank you, thank you.

I thank just everyone.

It’s just my gratitude,

that I owe me trying with all fun.

-rishabh kumar

Featured image by insta:louiseeky

Pexel : Andrea Piacquadio

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