Everything, everyone has a past

Remember the days when we had no worry to travel, not much of money needed to peep out the neighbor towns, no visa needed, not any boundaries of nations. Well that would be really old I guess.

Just like us, everything, every place has a past. The simplest furniture or a homely stuff that we have in our house has a past, from a pin to a pillar and from a candle to any high electric stuff, everything. The stations we visit to travel, our own town, the alleys, the river, the lakes, every place we have seen or not, has one. As any family or a member of the town have a story, so does these places, to tell, untold so long for the right moment. Whenever we start talking about them it gives those places a new life, new memories.

Wait, why am I telling you all these stuff? Did I suddenly got interested in old stuff? May be yes, may be…? may be just passing the time, whatever…. Just wanted to write, so here I’m.

I guess, being in these quarantines making us all think such things that we hadn’t ever thought we would. No one could imagine that the freedom that they had to travel everywhere freely, would get disturbed this way. I just hope the next time I visit a place, I would like to know the history of that place more. Really, many things get changed with time, not just people. Even the neighborhood, I didn’t care about in last decade cause of the business in classes and work, has changed a lot. May be I’m just experiencing things cause of my age or cause of so much of unwanted leisure. Who knows… I will just let my feelings flow.

I guess each day, there is something new. I guess mostly we noticed many things only for the exams that we had to pass in our school and colleges. There is a lot of data being updated on servers each second. May be, lesser these days. We are thankful to the media who has always being so hard working in collecting information for the world. If I assume, may be in the world wars also something similar would have happened. The common people not fighting in the wars, would be just praying for the war to get over. Hush… where am I heading..! too old now. War is over, the past is in the past. The very family members, covid fighters and the places has its own story as for now, even sitting at home praying and struggling with homely things, we also have one.

OK, I’m signing off now.

See ya soon.

Happy blogging!


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