My mom had told.

My mom just told,
that she’s loosing hope.
Everything got wasted,
with this nature’s cope.We had some plans
to live those moments.
She’d wished me luck.
For a better world staked.Am I sorry! why won’t I?
It’s not as wished.
We’d wanted things early.
But it’s gonna be late.I do tell always,
in my talks to her.
Confused, my ways.
like I’ve lost some spur.Would it not be okay…!
She has always in mind.
I guess won’t early.
Guessing that’s fine.But I know it’s not.
I had seen in her eyes.
She just want me happy.
that’s the way she decides.For many she’d told.
For many, she had guide.
She is my motivation,
and I will make things right.Won’t ever complain.
Won’t ever hopes die.
Will give my best.
She won’t ever cry.

-rishabh kumar

Featured image by Pexel : Black ice

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