Don’t you see a lesson!

Life changes every moment, or should I say that it can get changed any moment. Our thoughts, our likes, dislikes are just a loose thread through that instant, that can be affected not just by our actions but also by the surroundings.
We wish and try our best to gather all skills to reach some place. We believe that it can happen to us too. Nothing will be able to stop us. We strive through the hurdles in a hope of better. I guess this is the best part of human life, dreaming. To achieve the unachieved, to make the unmade, to trigger all the untriggered nerves waiting for the moment, that someone would reach that and prove that nothing is impossible for ever.
If I speak about me I am yet a no one for society, but I am something beautiful who is trying to give everyone a view of my thoughts. I believe deep inside we all are good. But sometimes or should I say mostly, we put a mask of a charming personality over an evil minded persona. I guess for our profit. Cause somethings can be achieved earlier by doing so. Hey! I’m not saying that I am like that or not. Just telling the fact I experienced in last few days.
Some people can really twist their tongues and change colours so well that people even aware of such things can’t stand before that and become unable to face such conditions with all their strength.
I don’t know how such people never get troubled from God. I pity their relatives. But deep inside we have this hope. We find, that it was obvious. Meant to happen someday if we won’t be changing our perception about the real world. God gives challenges to worthy recipients. Sometimes we understand it by self and sometimes He make us understand the hard way.
Let’s see what happens.
Thank you for reading.
Keep up the shine. K.


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