Really, some thoughts just keep us balanced but far from reality.

Recently I noticed that however as long as we hold ourselves somewhere, contained in a particular situation, that we feel like, is best, somehow keeps us far from accepting what is actually needed at moment.

Maintaining a positive environment and living in the same, are two different things. We can choose to stay positive in every aspect of life, but it does not change the real situation. It helps, to not get distracted, or I should say disturbed, depressed. But meanwhile it’s all made up within or without the environmental scenarios.

7 thoughts on “Thinking

  1. Indeed positive thinking may not solve the problem but it do help us in coping any situation
    Many things are not in our hands but how we react and our attitude towards it can change anything.
    Nice post!

    How you have been, Rishabh?

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    1. True miss Era… mostly not everything is in our hand any time, we try to focus for the best.. sometimes we succeed, sometimes someone else is the master of our path, God or just the situations.

      I hope you are good. I’m well now, just got busy at my new job.

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  2. Good one Rishabh. But you know what, sometimes thinking positive also gets difficult. And when you know the consequences of things, instead of thinking positive we should prepare ourselves for worst.
    But being optimistic at times, keeps you going too.

    I hope you’re doing well. It’s been so long we talked. Right?
    How have you been?

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    1. True that, that’s how we start being hopeless too….. I guess no one can prepare them selves for the worst, without facing it… how can someone know the way when he isn’t suffering in it, theoretically it is right to say to be positive, but things aren’t always as wished.

      I am good but without phone these days, big issues… yeah I won’t be that much active on socials from now.
      How have you been by the way?

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