For once, you will

In life for once, you will see what you haven’t yet. For once you will experience unexperienced.

After starting his job at emergency, he was determined for work. He was learning and getting used of the unexpected aisles of life. Didn’t know that he could do things well or not, but had some hope with this new ride. This day he had some high fever, did not know how long could bear. Seemed trauma, unexpected that time. Day bright, noon was demise. The pain, suffered. The looks, dark. The whitening shadows, held like some rafts. He knew, would escape, The day will pass. It’s just that day, not life at cost. Somehow survived, till eve made lost. Now work at mind, resumed his task.


      1. Then there must be a difficult phase that you are going through..perhaps! But hang in there…for you never know what all worth having things the life has in store for you.
        Thanks and take care. Wishing all the strength to you.

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