Starving rat, couldn’t have thaught twice

It’s not what a man knows hurts him; it’s what he knows that isn’t true.

-Josh Billing

Within his first month at job, he sensed the real meaning of the lessons he had read a couple months back. He could finally get meaning of what rat race game actually meant. It were his thoughts that kept him asking, Why had you to choose that way? Answer was simple, known to many. But realising it, was some other feeling. An imprisonment within a time, a loop. No time to look out of windows , cause the inner lights were so dramatically demanding that they never allowed to reveal their mystic darkness. He was actually trapped, knowingly. Realised that everyone is, the same. Day and nights pass. They do what they don’t want. Living a life just for fulfilling the needs. Rats were hungry indeed.
The questions is, Will he get out? Will he find a way to lessen the needs? to be free! Okay, what would he actually do.

Cut the needs, to save for troupe.
Settle a deal, to have some brook.
Mind the thoughts, move back to home.
Lead with hope, to ride with hoarse.
Dilemma of leisure, or chaos of race.
Should he run or make a face!
Time will tell, if haste get guides.
Truth and wrongs, it’s just some fries.

-rishabh kumar @myjoopress


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