Changing cause you got to... is good.Changing for others.... is disguise.Don't got to do together with someone.. Don't use we... I got to, I understand that's much better.. There are people who make us plea... There are those who stand for us, with us... Change is compulsory, compelling.. Demand of age, sign of maturity. Yet … Continue reading Change


Everything is fair in love and war. But also, Life is a war. So, basically it means that any path you decide to achieve your goals isn't good or bad. We are trained to be good, behave good, fake good with everyone around. For example with friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and even our most close … Continue reading Ruminating


जानना चाहते तो हैं हमें वोपर समझनानहीं चाहतेसाथ चाहते तो हैं हमारासाथ दिखनानहीं चाहतेचाहतें उनकी हाँ अब तोउनसे ही खफ़ा हैं हो रहीचाहती हैं आँसू भी अब तोआँखों से जुदा ना हो रहीं