Everything is fair in love and war.

But also,

Life is a war.

So, basically it means that any path you decide to achieve your goals isn’t good or bad. We are trained to be good, behave good, fake good with everyone around. For example with friends, family, colleagues, coworkers and even our most close ones. Aren’t we? Am I wrong?

All of us are sellers, tricksters, emotional fools and yes the achievers. It all depends upon our view that hold us back or front in a situation. Sometimes we don’t want to face a situation, but we got to, someday. Sometimes we know it’s our duty to recall everything that we learnt from past experience, stop being emotional fool. And for that, sometimes, or I should say mostly, we got to learn all things that we can use for our betterment, our own good, our own calmness, even if that’s going to harm someone mentally, economically or physically. We are all responsible for own choices, the path we took. All circumstances that we in today, isn’t someone else mistake. It’s our that we didn’t notice it coming, earlier, didn’t fight more, to make it correct earlier.

Today I am taking it all as a message from God that I got to learn a lot.
I got to learn to be a trickster.
I got nothing to blame on anyone.
I got to earn respect by any means.
I got to make more ways to develop my thoughts.
I got to make sure that no one can damage my peace.
I got to and I know I can and I will.

आज लिया है तजुर्बा, हमनें दुनियाँ से
भरोसा रखना नहीं कभी, गैर रिश्तों से
ये दुनिया है फरेबी, रिश्तें गढ़ना जानती है
बस काम हो कुछ अगर, पहचानती है
कुछ नाम, कुछ ज़ाम पे, याद करती तो है
मौका ठग लेने का, कभी ना त्यजति है


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  1. It is not always over ruminating. We develop ourselves as good a person as we can, rest is all about perspective. Perspective will lead to priorities. It doesn’t matter what and how the world behaves with you. What’s more important is how you see the behavior and how you react to that behavior. This world is our family and we make and keep peace by our ways of living a life but on our own terms. I think I over ruminated but that’s okay, I guess. Thanks for this wonderful piece. Keep up the good work. K.


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