is a new day.
To make mistakes.
To learn.
For saying “no”.
To let go.
To cherish moments.
The beauty and strengts,
that’s within.

Each day we meet a lot of people, if you are human. You got to. It’s tendency of of every living creature to stay together or search someone that they feel comfortable with.
If we have filled up ourselves with experiences that has bound us somewhere in our thoughts, to accept someone or even ourselves in particular situations. That’s not right. Is it?
We got to let go. Welcome the new ones in without making assumptions of their past. To cherish what we can, in those moments. Living with peace and happiness, being TOGETHER.

Nothing is easy, but it’s us defining our Hard.

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Life isn’t imbalanced
cause you are thin or fat,
Or more funny or more serious.
It is cause you don’t accept
How you are and what you are.


  1. Every day is a new day for us
    We all make mistakes
    We have to be ready
    to defend ourselves against our greed
    we have to learn to say no to ourselves
    we live in moments of satisfaction
    we don’t want to accept the shadow of life
    we live in a time of beauty and strength
    the difficulty of the work does not count

    We should have the past within us
    pay attention in the world
    we shouldn’t play with the thought
    the evil, the dark, the sin
    void to us and others

    What we accept in ourselves or not
    we don’t have to presume that
    us life that of others
    with whatever judgment
    to play ourselves as the judges of the world

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